Administrative staff play the most crucial role in every sector. These people serve various functions like general office management, clerical work, accounting, etc.

Each job in the administrative section requires different talents, and it will take a lot of work for an organization to find them easily.

So, partnering with an experienced hiring and staffing solutions company like Global Cybers can help you find the right solution. With our valuable services, you can find the best talents with the right skills easily and quickly. Moreover, the administration jobs wing holds different positions with different job titles.

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Here are a few administrative job positions we have added for your knowledge.
  • Administrative Secretaries: These people handle office administrative functions like managing documents and files, scheduling meetings, preparing various documents, etc.
  • Administrative Assistants: These people also serve as administrative secretaries, answering phone calls, sharing department files, and supporting customers and other staff.
  • Office Clerks: The office clerks perform various general office clerical work like file management, typing documents and letters, and helping many clients.
  • Administrative Managers: These are the authorities who manage the functions of their subordinates, clerical and other staff. They deal with many daily tasks, assign work to their staff members and respond to reports.
  • Executive Assistants: These people serve the higher authorities like the CEO, COO, Managing Editors, Directors, etc. They follow their instructions and assist them in every official work.
  • HR Administrators: The HR department plays a crucial role in hiring and managing the right talent, including salary payments and staff well-being.
  • Junior & Senior Assistants: They assist their seniors and managers in different works in different departments. Every company or organization needs them to execute some official tasks.
  • Billing Clerks: Billing staff mainly performs the billing activities, maintaining various bills and their payment information. They hand over these bills to their senior officials whenever they need them.
  • Accountants: Accounts are the primary need for every organization that speaks about the entity's financial status. They maintain all the accounts, bookkeeping, final accounts, balance sheet, accounts finalization, etc.
  • Accounts Clerk: Accounts clerk assists the senior accountant or accounts manager in various tasks in accounting.
  • Store Manager: He manages the stores' departments in any industry, the organization is supplying products, etc. Also, he performs other duties as and when needed.
  • Store Clerks: These people assist the store managers and other store people in handling the store work.
  • Audit Clerks: They help perform audits of documents, stocks, accounts, etc. and assist their senior staff.
  • Auditors: Auditors also play a crucial role in the accounting field. They help organizations discover the loopholes in various departments' official work, cash mismanagement, etc.

Every job title has a different role to play within an organization. They perform various tasks, and Global Cybers are here to help you find these talents right away as per your need.